About idF

Researchers: Dr. Thecla Schiphorst, SFU; Dr. Tom Calvert, SFU; Dr. Herbert H. Tsang, SFU; Jordon Phillips, MSc Student, SFU; Kristin Carlson, PhD Student, SFU; Nasim Jahangiri, UX Design

idanceForms is a choreographic application for the iPad that plays movement files on the iPad. Movement file formats include LFA (Danceforms), Collada, and BHV (motion capture) files. The development of the idanceForms software for mobile devices enables user’s to access intuitive touch screen-based interaction, to explore interface design for more complex movement procedures and to engage with physical and experiential spaces through technology. This includes the ability to sketch out ideas using dance figures, sound integration, and 3D file format support. The choreography software lets you author, visualize and transform movement on a timeline. Additional features will utilize embedded sensors in the mobile device such as the camera, accelerometer and touch surface, and explore integration with natural user interfaces such as the Kinect and Leap Motion. The development of the idanceForms software supports innovative embodied design processes through creative and natural movement means.